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The Project Guitar.com "Guitar of the Month" contest is a showcase for all the members, so show us your axe in this thread!
This contest is open to any and all members that enter and will be continued each month for a place showing your creation on the homepage!
The winner(s) of course will have his/her guitar featured on the homepage of Project Guitar.com and if you have a website the picture will link directly to it if you so choose (even commercial site's).
If your a forum member you will also be upgraded with a special badge to show you won!
So show us your creation in this thread! You've got till sometime around the 23rd or 24th of August then this thread gets locked and the voting starts!
Any Post that is not an entry will be deleted, feel free to start a new thread to discuss any guitar entered this month
There may be more then one poll to determine winners in different catagorys at the end of this contest!
Please post a maximum of your 4 best pictures per guitar entered
Make sure Your Guitar has a Name or Nick Name as well otherwise one will be given to it :)
Side note, if you are unable to post a picture you can e-mail one to Brian and it will be posted for you, or ask forum members how to post pictures, they are very helpful.
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I'll get the ball rolling with an untraditional RockBeach Mantis.

Flamed and Bookmatched Black Walnut on Basswood on Cuban Mahogany Mantis body.
Maple-Rosewood neck-fingerboard and MOP Trapezoid inlays.
24.75" scale length.
GFS Mini-PAF humbuckers with Fat mini in the bridge.
Output jack located inside "leg" so right angle cable jack will not pull out if stepped on.
Only 10" wide at lower bout making touring with guitar a breeze as it fits so easily into overhead bins.
Shape of bottom of guitar facilitates classical seating/playing position.
Dual strap buttons allows "stand and lean" ability without falling over or damaging bottom of guitar.
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Siren FZ

TV Yellow finish on one piece swamp ash body and quartersawn cherry neck.

East Indian rosewood headplate and fretboard with white fiber and rosewood binding.

Inlay materials include recon stone, gold glitter plastic, and white pearloid.

Schaller roller bridge, with Bigsby tailpiece.

Grover Deluxe tuners.

Natural bone nut.

Chunky 50's profile neck.

24.75" scale.

14" radius

Forearm contour and shaped heel for comfort.

50's Gibson P90 with new pole pieces and cover.

This has a built in fuzz pedal, which is partially controlled by the proximity of the player's hand to the copper plate, which acts similarly to a theremin antenna. Second knob on the body is for the volume of the effect, other controls are wired to trimpots inside the control cavity. The LED indicates whether the switch is on or off, and it gets brighter the closer your hand is to the antenna.





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I've been a member here for while but never entered. Here goes.

This is Ocean Pearl.

Album Here:


Some pics here:


DSCF5538 by lydian2012, on Flickr
DSCF5563 by lydian2012, on Flickr



  1. -Ribbon Grade Honduran Mahogany with flame maple veneer top, bound in white ABS. The body is pretty much a 1-piece body with a small, approx 2” wide piece added to make up the body width.

  2. -String through setup with recessed ferrules on the back.

  3. -TonePros TOM T3BP bridge.


- Waterbased Lacquer.


  1. -25.5” scale, quartersawn birch with flame maple fretboard with 12" radius.

  2. -Flat Headstock.

  3. -Abalone dots

  4. -ABS side dots (glued in with lacquer thinner - that’s why the black bled a little into the surrounding maple so the lines aren’t super crisp).

  5. -Finished in a thin coat of shellac.

  6. -Comfortable Medium C profile. Approx 21mm at 1st fret, 22.4mm at the 12th fret and 23.3mm at the 15th fret.

  7. -Nut width of 42.2mm

  8. -TUSQ XL Nut

  9. -Jescar FW55090-S Stainless Steel fretwire. Crown dimensions: 0.090” x 0.055”

  10. -Progressive fret end bevel for maximum playing surface while retaining a smooth feel.

  11. -9-46 GHS Boomers Strings.

  12. -2-way adjustable trus rod with headstock adjustment

  13. -Ebony, curved truss rod cover.

  14. -Gotoh vintage style 16:1 ratio tuners.


  1. -Total weight is 3.74kg (8.5lbs)


  1. -Jon Moore Custom hand-wound pickups. They are a Gibson T-Top inspired pickup with an A5 magnet but with a little more output and coil split. The coil split sound very good and is definitely useable as opposed to most coil split pickups. This one sounds very convincing in single coil mode. Thank you Jon for doing such a great job on these pickups. They compliment the guitar very well. Check out Jon’s website here: http://www.tonefordays.com/

  2. -500k volume control and push/pull coil split. Pulling the control splits both the neck and bridge pickups. The coil with adjustable pole pieces is the one that is active in split mode.

  3. -500 Tone Control with 0.022uf cap

  4. -Switchcraft Jack with football shaped plate

  5. -3-way pickup selector.

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Name: Supernatural #1
Body - Swamp Ash with a flamed maple "toneguard"
Neck - 5 ply Maple & Walnut
Fretboard - Rosewood with Maple strip, 10" - 14" compound Radius with jumbo frets

Tuners - Spertzles
Pickups - EMG X's
Tremolo - Floyd Rose
Finish - Green Orange tint with water-based satin body and a tru oiled neck
Knobs - Handmade out of maple

This guitar was made as a tribute to Living Colour and Vernon Reid. I was able to give it to him when they played in Dallas.

I just received a track from Vernon of him playing the guitar. Check it out here. I also added a pic of him with the guitar.





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I was playing cards one particular evening and was staring at the intricate designs of the face cards.
(light bulb appears above my head .... DING)
What a cool idea for guitar inlay. 14 months later....
Name - "The Royal"
Body - Book matched mahogany
Tops - Figured maple and rosewood
Neck - Mahogany
Fingerboard - Ebony
Inlays - Solid shell pearl, Maple, Colored acrylics
Bridge - TonePros
PUP - Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P-90
Body Finish - Nitro
Neck Finish - Tru-oil
Here's the build thread

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