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Making The Most Of Early 80's Gibson Neck Pu.


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I recently picked up an 84' designer series gibson flying V. My first V and yes I love it. Other than the selector wired backwards, the electronics seem to be in good shape but I decided to replace the bridge PU with a Dimarzio tone zone. Works like a charm and sounds amazing. The stock neck pickup howls feedback like crazy with my hi gain loud volumes and has too much low end. I'd like to save the stocker, I don't use the neck PU for anything other than a weaker vintage sound so the tone is ok just too bassy.

I'm thinking of wax potting the bucker and maybe experimenting with a cap in series. I have the tools to do the wax potting so I will start with that but I haven't done anything with caps before.

Any advice?

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decide what freq you want to be the cutoff range. 70hz use the rc filter formula to find what cap you need for your pot. if its 500k use a .0047uf in series from pickup output to pot or switch depending on your wiring diagram. http://www.muzique.com/schem/filter.htm i have been using this trick for years and its ootw

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have you potted it yet

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