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Grounding in a hollowbody


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I had asked about grounding a hollowbody, since there's no isolated electronics compartment to cover in copper tape. bluespresence told me to use a Belden Cable, but I was wondering if I have the shielded cable from Stewmac if that would be substantial, or if I could purchase some sort of tubing through which to run them?

Thanks a lot!

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It look like you're talking about shielding the guitar - which is a little different than grounding the electronics. If you use the stew-mac shilded cable, you should have a decent shield. If you want to further prevent interference with the signal, you can use the shielding paint, which works well - needs to be done prior to construction of a hollow body tho... When running the shielding (and any grounding) be sure to use star grounding to prevent any ground-loops from occuring and generating hum.

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