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How Many Hands?

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i just debate this issue,which i think i have a small problem..I think my final thickness of my last projects is big enough..So if we assume that we put the thinner as suggested(for example 10% in poly) how many hands of sealer and how many hands of clear coat you spray??every coat is sprayed once or wet on wet???i did 3 wet on wet sealer and 2 wet on wet of top coat and think it is pretty thick..can i have you opinions ???thank you in advance

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Nobody's responded yet, I think we may not be sure what your are asking. Are you asking how many coats or layers of finish it is correct to apply?

If so, then there is no rule beyond sealing the wood. After that it is purely personal preference, or stated differently, go with what looks best to you.

I like a fairly thick glossy clear finish. I think that brings out the color and figure of the wood best. Others like the feel of a very thin finish better. As long as the wood is protected, there is no right or wrong way to do it.


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