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Ibanez Axstar - CADs etc

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Hi All

I am new on this site and hail from Sunny South Africa...

OK enough of the boring stuff hehehe

My brother has an Ibanez Axestar which has the 2 humbuckers in. I am looking for CAD files etc for this guitar.

Does anyone have or even STL files etc. I have a CNC and he wants a new body and made from Mahogany.

MANY thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the welcome bob

The Axstar in question is (i believe) an AX30 - 2 humbuckers. I could probably pull the CAD off myself but would rather not reinvent the wheel. He has had it since the 80's.

Hey boss, welcome.

First, the axstars are rare and eclectic guitars. You will have difficulty finding cad files for them, if they even exist.

Second, which model axstar? Theres several different ones.

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I would collect as many photos and specifications as you can and then draw it up in CAD. I don't trust CAD work from "the wild" and draw all mine from scratch. I at least then have guarantees that I am building in tolerances and specs I prefer.

Welcome onboard by the way.

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