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Metal Tele \M/K3

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it sounds like mahognay minus the weight. but i do agree that it is too pretty to paint black, that's why i think you should just go mahogany. sorry for all the Devy pics, i just had to show everyone that you can use Teles for metal. and if you know Dev, he is the Cod Metal King! eee yah! anyways, all of what you want can be easily made at Warmoth, so i got a few ideas to make it more original.

use mahogany instead of limba if your are going to paint it soild black - go neck-thru body - use an explorer head [they are very different to hockey stick heads, trust me. they are angled, hockey stick or KWS heads are straight like Fender heads.] - at the fret board end, angle it at 15 degrees. it will make it look more elegant.

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If you're after stupidly high output pups, have you thought about winding your own? Will probably work out at about the same price as buying them, but you could go as loopy as you like (or as loopy as your amp can take anyway :D )

Just a thought, like the design by the way.

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