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Humbucker wiring


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I have, what I believe to be, a unique situation. I have an Epiphone X1000 form the late 80's. It has been redone, and it's time for wiring the pickups. The guitar currently has one volume knob (push pull for original coil splitting), one tone knob, and three mini toggles to turn the pickups on and off individually. It has NO selector switch at all. It is originally a H/S/S setup. I am installing a hum back in the bridge. For the middle and neck pickups I am installing strat sized mini humbuckers.

What I would like to do is replace the original on/off toggles with three-way toggles so each pickup will have on(hum)/off(no sound)/and on(split). I don't know if I am using the exact terminalogy, but that is esentially what I am looking for.

I am having a really hard time finding a wiring diagram for the setup that I am looking to do. Does anyone have any insight into this, or know where I can find a diagram? I'm attaching a picture of the original guitar so you can see what I am working with.


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Assuming you're not relying on the cavity shielding for connecting the cases of the two pots, you're missing a ground on the rear of the tone pot.

Edit: tone pot is wired back-to-front. Swap the connection of the cap from the left lug to right lug.

"Ground to bridge" needs to go to the common grounding point on the back of the volume pot, not the middle lug.

Also need a ground connection to the shield of the output jack (although your diagram may be simplifying some of these connections for brevity?)

I'm not familiar with the colour codes of the pickups you're using, but otherwise it looks good.

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