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shallow ding .. oh no


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I have had a lacquered ( Shellac cross linked ) body hanging for 3 months. When i took it down to start rubbing out I discovered a shallow ding about 10mm ( just under 1/2") across.

the top is highly figured wood stained with water soluble dye, and I very much want to avoid attacking the area with steam.

How would it look if I built up the depression with clear lacquer?

Is there a better way or is steaming the way to go?



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I don't have much experience with this but I'm pretty sure you are only supposed to steam the bare wood. If you steamed lacquer the moisture would penetrate and give you a haze on the lacquer.

I know this as my sister ironed directly on top of my mothers good dining table!

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You can fill the dent with lacquer if it isn't too deep. If you sand the finish flat and buff it out it will de visible if you look at the surface of the wood, beneath the finish, but it will not be obvious.

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