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Graphite neck thru

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So I was watching some rig rundowns on the 'Tube, and holy freaking crap there is Doyle of Misfits fame on Rig Rubdown(!!).


I figure this is gonna be good, and it was, misfits being the misfits some of you will likely hate Doyle and his anti tech attitude, but I love his no BS way of being, and imagine when the grease paint comes off you get a pretty intelligent, creative human being, he mentions he is a metal worker probably what he does for a day job, when he wants or has too.

All that aside, I just want to talk about his guitar, what a beast, and the part when he mentions he had to start making his own guitars so they could take the abuse(on golden Gods Doyle actually power chord punches the guitar in half the last chord of the Last Caress, he mentions it but I had to see it, its true he punches the guitar in half). Rock and Roll..lol.

Anyways he talks about getting sik of carving necks so they made a mold for a neck thru out of graphite, and lay it up with truss rods etc etc I guess, then glue and press I am assuming.The body wings actually attach and can be removed, heres picture of Doyle sans grease paint with a couple of the axes....(not sure if either are the now graphite necked model he makes) but you get the idea.


I guess a company called October Guitars was making some of em but Doyle says they are not up to snuff..lol. enough about Doyle.

So the graphite I know it has been used, and I think you can even buy graphite necks, but the neck thru idea intrigued me enough to want to ask about it.

Have we any members who work with graphite, I build model aircraft and use it all the time in them so I have experience in composites, and would like to maybe try to make a graphite or maybe to start a graphite/wood neck, say graphite neck rosewood fingerboard, something along those lines.

Anyone able to add any ideas or information to this surely halfbaked idea.

Peace all,


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Ok i have no relevent info i just wantes to say i wasted the better part of a day watching rig rundown vids

I know they are addictive...lol.

NO worries tho gang, I did a search and fond a fair bit of relevant info in regards to the whole graphite/composites idea.


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Your post is timely as I am about halfway through a project marrying an old Steinberger bass bolt-on neck to a new mahogany body. I did a lot of internet trolling trying to find out info on how they were built, as one of my neck bolt holes failed. Steinberger kept it pretty close to the vest, but I gather it was similar to fiberglass boat hull casting, where gelcoat is sprayed into a mold and then carbon fibers are laid or sprayed in mixed with epoxy or polyester resin. I've read that they "baked" them in a vacuum oven as well. Due to a recent unfortunate shop accident (only the names have been changed to protect the innocent), I now have a big ass chip in the gelcoat on my Steinberger neck, revealing what looks like black carbon mesh exposed below. It's kind of a random "spatter" pattern of fibers, so it must have been chopped up into a mulch and sprayed in somehow. I'll have to find a matching black gelcoat patch kit to repair the chip. I had a friend who owned one of the first generation Moses graphite necks, different finish on it, more of "swirly" surface rather than jet-black gelcoat surface. I've never seen a neck-through graphite neck. Moses does custom work, so maybe they could do it, but I'm not sure how it would offer much sonic advantage over a standard bolt-on graphite neck. Making one yourself, while not impossible, sounds like a real steep learning curve with expensive materials.

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