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Hi everyone, I just thought I'd write a quick post to say hi and test out the forum.

I've been a lurker on Project Guitar since the old site, but have finally got around to joining. This is a fantastic site which got me and my Dad off the ground with building back when I was 16 - so thanks to you all! I'm now 23, post-university, moved out and going it alone on my first full build all by myself!

So, number 5 is going to be an Explorer through-neck, (3-piece curly maple and bubinga) with an african rosewood (curly cherry-topped) body and the standard-issue indian rosewood fretboard. I've gone for a slightly shorter PRS-style (25") scale on this one. I'm aiming for an electric-bluesy/classic rock feel.

I'm up to the final stages of neck construction, so hopefully I should be able to put some pics up as the build progresses. I can't wait to see/hear it in action! Thanks again for all the help and inspiration so far, I look forward to meeting a few of you as things progress! Dan

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Haha, yeah this is true. I've definitely been changing my plans as I go along! It's taken me a while to even get started on this one as my job took me abroad a lot in the summer.

I'll set up an album once I've got to my allotted 10 posts to show how it's going. You still seem to get quite a few done despite the breaks, Prostheta!

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Great, thanks! I'll set something up after tonight's garage session! Going to be cold out there tonight though!

I've always fancied doing some CNC. I guess it spares quite a bit of time on the shaping front.

I've seen some pretty cool stuff with homemade kit(!). I'm an engineer by profession and I did some bits with stepping motors and motion tracking at uni, but that's a hobby for a time with fewer working hours and better pay (if such a time ever even exists!)

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Not really. All the work involved takes far more time than doing it "manually". It does however allow me to directly transfer what I do in CAD straight to the workpiece rather than having to take it to "manual" straight after the drawing part.

Chase those ideas man! :-)

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