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KEA 2014 Builds

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Ahh! It is an apex predator. Looking very quilty and voracious.

The headstock looks fine to me. Do not worry about minor aesthetic points -- we all spend too much time fretting about those things.

Luis, your craftmanship is always excellent, and you should charge more.

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So i have been thinking.

The only part of guitar building i actually enjoy is the making of the body. I love planing, jointing and use the bandsaw to cut stuff out.

After i finish these and stop building, maybe i will just sell body blanks or something.

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How about the contrast here?

Striking, particulary when compare to the shot of it in its natural habitat. I love what it did to the colors in your neck too. Don't you wish the padouk would stay that way?


Thanks Scott. I do wish it would stay that color. Here in NM, the sun is so harsh and it is so hot, it will be really dark in a week. It still keeps its red color, but just more of a brick red.

That looks awesome man... especially for a veneer, there's still a ton of depth to it

Really like the neck though... headstock looks great also, I dig it :D

Thanks Sancho. People seem to really under estimate veneer most of the time.

These were taken while the oil was still soaking in. About an hour later it was already dry ( it was like 98* yesterday) and now the entire guitar is much darker.

I leveled the frets and assembled it with my test parts. Now i really wish i had done a clear coat finish on it, because it plays great and sounds great. I always choose the wrong option.

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and i have yet again had jointer trouble.

The new/old one i got has always seemed to have a vibration issue that causes the pulley on the cutterhead to come loose and outward. It was rattling like crazy a couple weeks ago and i thought the pulley just came loose again. I haddnt used it since then.

I went to fix it the other day, and notice it wasnt all the way out like i thought it was. I took the belt off, and the pully was actually broke in half long ways. How does that even happen?

I tried to take another one off an old motor we had but it was frozen on there.

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Yes sir, it is black walnut. I was out of all other neck woods and didnt want to spend more money since i havnt made any, so i used it with some figured maple.The figure doesnt show in the pics for some reason.

That shape of volute feels better, because it isnt in the way, even if you try to find it. My main reason was that i want to reduce every single ounce of weight that i can, since these stupid strat shapes keep neck diving.

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