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Guitar in progress. bridge pickup suggestions?


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so i have been winding my own pickups, and well i have some prototypes but i am unsure what i want to put in the bridge of this guitar. its a very light piece of walnut with a wendge strip. the body is a scaled up version of my peavy vandenberg with an ibanez neck on it. so its a 25.5" scale. i am awaiting the copper from china now to finish the base wiring.

any thoughts as i have zero experience with walnut






ps i posted this here since i am asking about electronics, i hope that is appropriate.

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thank y0u all i am looking into all your suggestions, i am actually making a chart. so far i am leaning towards the paf. but i am thinking i might find something that is pretty hot and all down the middle like bmt 666 or something of that nature so i can see what i am getting into. i usually use a jb or a tone zone in the bridge, but i thought i would try something a little different on this one. yeah i got the joke on the pickups being slanted, it was a very good time while i was at work, i showed my buddy who is a guitarist as well and he laughed.

i didn't realize the extreme angle would show up as much with twin humbuckers but we measured it out off my original vandy. i belive its 11 degrees. i am going to restore it and put it up its getting a little worn.

i am actually going with a screaming demon in the neck this time. i have heard some interesting things on it. but if it doesn't work out i have my latest prototype to play with.

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Will it doesnt help that i have a dry sense of humor. Well its dry for a american any way. A lot of times i write something on here and delet it be cause i realize it will probably get taken the wrong way.

Ansil it sounds like you have a hold on the situation. Ot also sounds like your wanting something a little hotter than a paf. If all else fails toss some emg's in there they sound ok in pretty much anything. I kinda think thats there downfall.

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for this guitar i am not sure exactly i typically do rock to metal fusion weirdness. i am just unsure of the tonal aspect of the walnut. i didn't want to do a bunch of rewiring on this as its going to be a set it and forget it when its done. like my brian moore but with a bit more flex. the moore is using a jb bridge and a jazz neck with special wiring and middle position is piezo pickups only. but it is also midi and doesn;t have a floyd. so not quite the same sounds as that one i know what i like in mahogany.

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