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Guitar Of The Month vote - February 2014


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Need another peek at this month's entries?
Click here > http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/topic/47631-guitar-of-the-month-february-2014/
This thread and poll automagically close on the 1st February 2014.

The winner of each month's Guitar Of The Month gets front page placement on the main Project Guitar website, promotion via a photo feature on our Facebook page and as the default site background photo! Good luck to all of this month's entrants.

So what does everybody think of the entries this month? Got your own favourite? Found it difficult to choose? Got GAS? :-)

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This was a difficult decision for my vote this month.

eddiewarlock: Your Felebirder (!) looks amazing....I'd love to see how she sounds through a cranked Twin Reverb or something of that sort. A great blending of styles that manages to pull them all together nicely.

Sancho Marino: The optical illusion of movement I keep getting off that top makes my brain hurt, but in a good way! The back of the body is excellently executed, sharp and smooth where it needs to be. Reminds me of my first eight-string many years back, except yours is 100x better and mine was planky :-)

Mr_Buttman: Really cool seeing you back on the board and a shame you are unable to build as freely as you used to. This bass is another example of your top-shelf work. Somebody should physically drag you out of your home and into a workshop again. The world needs this kind of talent.

curtisa: That top. No really. That top. The name is absolute perfection because it reminds me of the landing photos from the Opportunity rover mission and other Mars explorations. Exquisite.

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You're completely right, Prostheta. This month is particularly hard to decide over. I like them all equally for various and different reasons.

Eddiewarlock - the big chunky neck lams go well with the clean looks and beefy Tele style, and the "blackburst" around the edges of the body is a nice finishing touch.

Sancho Marino - the Wenge top is hypnotic to look into, almost like one of those optical illusions where your brain is fooled into thinking a static picture of swirling spirals is moving by itself. You miust be extremely proud of how that one has turned out.

Mr Buttman - beautiful combinations of timbers and clean as a whistle. The triple-sandwich body wings look the biz with the Zebrano featured on both sides.

Too hard. Can't decide. :blink: Everyone gets a beer - my shout!

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I have been lamenting the reduced amount of participation in the GOTM for a while now. Just a few years ago we nearly always had 7 or 8 entries a month and several pages of feedback. The participants nearly always said they didn’t expect to win, but they really wanted to get the feedback. I have been lazy about providing any feedback for a while (if not always), but I’m going to do my best to contribute going forward and perhaps reinforce the example already being set and hopefully encourage more feedback and dialog here.

Maybe even get more of us interested in participating and submitting builds.

Tele/Firebird—This build is very well executed and wood choice is excellent. The burst is what does it for me. You don’t often see them in a satin finish and I love the way the color of it matches the darker striping in the mahogany. It almost looks like it was done with a torch…..very evenly burned around the edges. Looking at the guitar as a whole everything goes together nicely. It works.

Wengie—I’ll never look at this guitar without seeing an owl….or peacock feathers. It is very striking. The craftsmanship is excellent. The wood combination is well chosen; everything works well together. I do find the volute awkward to look at, but I understand it is quite comfortable for the player. Very nice job.

Rhino Bass—This is very impressive work, maybe the most professional looking piece in the group. The wood choices, joinery, craftsmanship and finish are all top notch. Even the hardware and strings look like they were chosen for artistic composition. That’s a bunch of controls, but I expect all you bass players know what to do with them. Very tasty work.

Red Planet—When I look at the first picture I see a flame. Dancing in the night. I see beautiful balance, both visually and physically. This guitar is begging to be played. Awesome top—awesome wood combination, superb execution. Extremely tough choice this month, but if I walked into a room with these four instruments, I’d probably drool on the Rhino, but this is the one I’d pick up first.

I’d pick them all up to be sure, congratulations to you all for very fine work.


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Thanks everybody for good words.

Tele/ Firebird

I am fan of Telecasters and appreciate when luthiers experiment with this classic shape so i really like your build. Wooden pickup mountings looks great! The only thing i want to advice is to put your logo on the headstock - of course it's my own opinion, but i think such a great guitar deserves your name on it. In this case headstock will look richer.


This build is my favourite. Wenge is capricious wood to work with but it looks great. The combination of body wood and top, fingerboard, neck laminate is amazing!

Red planet

Extremely well built and very nice looking guitar! As guys already mentioned the top is amazing and i really like how you choosed the wood combinations (and especially the fact you didn't poot dots on the freatboard :) ). And i like your logo on the headstock!

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