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What is this guitar?

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Can anyone identify this guitar? The video is a bit dark unfortunately.


It has a lot of features of a Gibson non reverse Firebird but there are some subtle diferences at least to any picture I've been able to find so far.

I've got no real need to know.......other than that I don't know and that bugs me. :D



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its called GPA (guitar porn addiction)

I happened to be familiar but here is the back story. I was looking up what Gene Baker might be up to- I had read somewhere that Gene had sold his company or something to ed roman- or had a fire or something-cant remember now-and found he was part of this guild/marketing group (premier builders guild)- if you look on the fano website- to the left- there is a link)- stumbled upon Fano thru all that. i have tons of links to guitar companies- you know- my guitar porn addition I have. So every now and then I check in on those links- see what people are up to- stare at guitars, etc

and now you know.

btw-looks like he has a tuner blocking the name on that guitar in the video.

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Yeah, you can almost make out an "F" peaking from behind the pick stuck in his headstock. I saw this guy play a couple of years ago and not knowing what he was playing bugged me then. He has an amp like mine and in an endorsement on the amps website, he spoke of playing Gibsons, so I went hunting for Gibsons, and found one that was very close, but I didn't think it got the cigar. He's playing here again this weekend and I thought I was going to have to go and just ask him during a break.

BTW that link on the left of the website has some pretty intriguing amps too.....

Thanks again,


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