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Help Indentifying Wood


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Hi all,

LONG time since I last posted, but im back :hyper

I`m currently rebuilding a Bass I made many years ago, my first in fact.

I still have no idea what one of the woods(the dark wood) I used actually is, Any ideas from the pics below?




The colour is really rich and goes from a Brown to a Deep reddish brown depending on the lighting conditions. Some really nice figuring too but I couldn't capture it properly on camera.

It is very dense, little heavy and close grained. Very nice to work with, machines very well.

the loaded body weighs in at a touch over 3kg.

I had originally thought it was a curly mahogany of sorts but couldn't be sure, It is way way darker than any other African mahogany I have used anyway.

Any help appreciated,


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Thanks for the replays folks. Sapele it is then!

@demonx I have used it in another bass build, a 3-piece laminate neck with the centre strip being this wood and the outer strips being African mahogany. They are totally different side by side, this is quite dark next to the mahogany.

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A lot of people talk about sapele like they do mahogany. They're quite similar and I'm sure many cheaper brands that say mohog use sapele, NATO, etc.

What makes me so sure it's sapele is the one shot where it's going from rift to flatsawn. THAT is tell-take sapele grain there!

Also, mild figure like you're seeing isn't rare in the stuff either.


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