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ProjectGuitar.com Site News - Mar 2014

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ProjectGuitar.com has been through some very important changes over the last few months and we are working hard to make 2014 the biggest and best year yet! Let's have a look at what is new and what to expect over the coming months....

Most regular visitors to the site will have noticed that we have fully transitioned the site across to a new publication system under the ProjectGuitar.com domain name. This has been an essential move to simplify publishing and create a strong organised framework. Even better news is that our forums remain unchanged including all of the content covering almost twelve years of ProjectGuitar.com being online!

The first thing many regular will have noticed is the change to the site's overall design. We've re-organised our tutorials, supplier/manufacturer listings and site articles into the menu at the left hand side of the site. In addition to the gradual re-formatting and re-publication of old site articles we will be publishing many exciting new articles on everything from basic workshop skills to product reviews, overhauling the suppliers/distributors list, compiling a resource library of file downloads and user gallery system.

The ultimate aim - as it has been for the last twelve years - is to provide a constantly-growing open education source for guitar building, repair and modification where members can freely exchange knowledge for the benefit of all. ProjectGuitar.com has always thrived with input from both the experienced and learners alike.

Make your voice heard in the forums if you have ideas for articles on specific subjects you would like to see and we'll make sure they end up on the to-do list. Do you have something you would like to contribute to the site or are you a writer? PM or email us and we'll be happy to discuss this.

  • Member Gallery

Last month we re-introduced the Gallery application to ProjectGuitar.com; this can be found HERE or by clicking "Gallery" in the main site navigation. This is an open-access resource for all active forum members and can be used for embedding photos within the forums or generally maintaining a gallery of your own projects and work. All basic member groups receive a small but generous amount of storage space with simple Gallery functionality. Guitar Of The Month winners, site donators and ProjectGuitar.com sponsors are allocated much larger amounts of disk space and more flexible functionality.

  • Downloads

Currently in the early stages of implementation is the new Downloads section whose purpose is to provide a repository of useful member resources such as fret calculators, specs/cheat sheets through to full instrument and component CAD drawings. Many downloads will tie in with proposed instrument design and build articles, some of which will be a one-stop shop from design to build. Keep checking back as this continues to develop!

  • Product Reviews

We are very excited to be introducing a library of product reviews covering everything of value to our readership; guitar bridges to chisels, jack sockets to router bits, pencils to masking tape! The broad range of informational articles is to arm our readers with the hands-on knowledge that you might not get from marketing copy, catalogues, etc. and the things that are of most use to the instrument maker.

  • Market News

We would be remiss if we were not to keep up with the latest products of interest to our readers. Perhaps you want something just a little bit different, experimental or simply be the first to get a new item on your instrument...?

  • Supporting ProjectGuitar.com

ProjectGuitar.com is a non-profit project whose month-to-month running relies purely on public donation. Donating to ProjectGuitar.com is simple and quick. Donations help cover necessary server costs, help to funding new exciting tutorial projects and generally helps ProjectGuitar.com grow as the Internet's primary open education source for guitar builders. We currently accept PayPal only, however feel free to PM us for alternative donation methods.

All donating members will receive greater site and forum functionality (such as increased Gallery disk space) for a year along with donating member status. If you would like to donate anonymously, that is cool too. Your account will still receive all donator privileges, albeit anonymously! :)

Thank you for your continued support from both ProjectGuitar.com admin/mods and members alike! Your voices are paramount to ProjectGuitar.com being for its readership, so tell us what you need and here's to 2014!


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