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Can Nitro make you crook in the guts?

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Early this year I sprayed my guitar with Nitro and followed all the safety warnings. I wore a mask during the whole operation and I did it outside keeping upwind of the breeze. The guitar has dried out for a few weeks and now I have put the hardware on and strung it up

The smell of the Nitro is still quite strong and I'm wondering if it can have anything to do with me feeling ill. I have read a lot about Nitro making people sick but its usually problems with breathing. But I have not experienced this at all, its in my stomach

Can Nitro make you sick in the stomach?

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No medical expert here, but I would think there are two main factors to the hazardous-ness of spraypaint - the airborne particles of vaporised paint while spraying and the fumes. Fumes can linger long after the paint has dried, and most products containing solvents will warn of headaches, dizziness, nausea etc when exposed in sufficient quantites. Maybe let the guitar air for a week or two in the shed away from indoors enclosed spaces to allow the fumes to finish dissipating?

Do a search for the for the nitrocellulose lacquer MSDS to check for any safety warnings on the product with regards to ventilation while drying and drying times.

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The nausea sounds a little ominous. As evil as nitrocellulose and its solvents can be, it sounds like you had reasonable exposure mitigation during spraying. I wouldn't bring the instrument into a living area until I could hardly smell a solvent or paint smell with my nose up to the guitar body. Smelling strongly is a bit warning signal to me, and one that makes me think you should be keeping this in an area free of ignition sources also.

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