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Lo-Pro Edge 7 into Lo-TRS guitar

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I made some moderately accurate measurements of a Lo Pro 7 route from my RG7620 before I sold it a few years back, but I don't have any data for the Lo TRS 7. I don't have the intonation reference points from Lo Pro 7 either. If that's any use to you I can send them through.

According to this installation manual the stud holes need to be located 10.7mm closer to the nut than your scale length - eg, if scale length = 25.5" (647.7mm) then studs need to be drilled at a distance of 637mm from the nut.

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There used to be a good video and write-up here somewhere but I can't find it.

I use a similar technique to this:

I'd suggest using a block of wood with a hole drilled through it rather than the PVC pipe offcut used in the video - spreads the pressure out over a larger area - but the principle is the same.

Depsite what some people suggest do not use a claw hammer or pliers to lever the studs out. Assuming you can protect the finish from damage while using these tools, both methods will pull the studs out of the body at a slight angle which will oval the holes the studs are being extracted from. The studs need to come out vertically to maintain the round shape of the hole.

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This the one you were looking for Curtis?



Thanks Scott. It's close, but I was sure there was one more recent than that. The pictorial at the end is the right idea. However the video method is only valid for bushings that are hollow all the way through. Some studs, such as those supplied with the Wilkinson VS100 or Ibanez Lo Pro are solid-bottomed, and the video method in that post won't work.

When putting the new studs in, is it worth sticking a dab of glue on them or just push them in and they will be secure?

Only if the holes are a bit loose fitting. The ones I've extracted have all been press-fit only. A little bit of PVA may add enough lubrication to help slightly tight bushings go in smoothly. Go carefully pressing the bushings in - the trem route on the Lo Pro doesn't leave much wood behind the posts, and it's really easy for tight fitting bushing to split the wood as they go in. Firm finger pressure should be enough. Save using the wooden mallet for when there's lots of timber around the bushing hole (eg, Les Pauls).

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The bottom leg of the U clips into the plate the same way as the arm does, but I think the top part just inserts and rests inside the plate.

The annoying this is, I actually own a K7, but its 380 miles away at my parents house. If I can't find the information, I'll wait until i'm next up and rip it apart for all the answers!

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