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pickups for powerhouse strat


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hi there,

a friend of mine wants to upgrade the pickups in his MIM fender powerhouse strat deluxe.

Now i know it is active, but presumeably its just a pre-amp(mid booster) and passive pickups(noiseless?).

so bearing this in mind can you reccomend a decent set of pickups(sub $200) that would make a decent improvement in tone and give him more bite ?

i was thinking fender lace sensors, but i dont know much about them, any opinions?



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YES!!!!!! lace sensor p/us are the best. the hot gold series is a little more versitile tone and can go to even metal depths. But to me the Holy Grails have GREAT tone. I listened to clips of a guy playing all types of the laces. and i have to say, they are MUCH better than most strat pickups. check them out

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try carvin pickups. dont' laugh look at there data sheet at their freq responses you can pick the best match up that wya.

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