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Staining grain filler


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How were you planning to sand the filler back to surface level without sanding off your stain?

You should probably fill first and then stain. You have several options. You can get colored filler or you dye your own or you can get willer that is stainable and stain the filled pores and the body at the same time.

However none of those options will be likely to match the filled pores to the body color. You could stain a piece of scrap and dye your filler to match that.

The best option in my opinion does not answer the question as asked, but......When staining hardwoods, the pores naturally get much darker as they collect much more pigment. This is typically considered a good thing since it accentuates the grain and shows off the character of the wood. To get that same look with filled pores, pick a filler that is a darker version of the color stain you will be using and go with that. The result will get you that smooth finish and the wood will look natural.


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