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Solid finishes on necks - edge along fretboard

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I'm wondering how to takle this.

When I'm lacquering a neck, I mask off the fretboard and when I'm done, peel the tape off, and the lacquer has left a ridge along the fretboard because of it's thickness.

How do you guys tackle that? Do you spray the entire side of the fretboard? If that's the case, how do you then do the side dot markers?

I've been considering leaving some side dot material sticking out, and then spray primer and color, and then cut the side dots down, sand them flush with the fretboard and clear..

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.


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I've done it both ways. I usually mask the fretboard, then come in after with some really fine grit paper and hit it just enough to make a smooth transition. Of course, I've only ever done a couple colored necks, but it has always worked just fine.

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