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Finding flaws after you start

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I am new to the finishing end of things. I am working on a poplar bodied tele. I thought I did good prep until I put a layer of primer on. The end grain just sucked it in and I found a few flaws in the face that I could not see in the raw. Is this normal? If so, how do I avoid it?

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What grit are you sanding to? End grain can be a pain. On my last grit, i always sand the end grain with the grain, instead along side of it, Which is usually up and down.

Are you talking paint primer?
I have scratches show up every now and then. The middle grits are really the ones you have to pay attention to.

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You should still seal the end grain on poplar.I am not sure that you shouldn't seal end grain on everything...I seal all wood regardless of type,but since end grain is actually how a tree sucks water up inside itself I always figure it is going to suck up whatever you put on it until it is sealed.

The primer will seal it eventually,you'll just need to keep applying and sanding until it fills the pores and levels out.

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