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Setting objects into the body

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After a couple year hiatus I have decided to get back into building a few guitars and have taken on a project with a lot of meaning to me and hopefully even more meaning to whoever winds up with the guitars. It will be auctioned off for the Keystone Wounded Warriors.

My initial thoughts are a patriotic design and my first thought was an outline of the Freedom Tower as the fretboard inlay. As I was thinking through a few ideas I remembered that I have a few pieces of rock brought back during the excavation for the Freedom Tower and would like to include a piece set into the body and have it visible. I know people have done stuff like this before but I am not sure what material they use to encase the pieces. I thought of epoxy, but experience has shown when it is that thick it does not dry as hard and never dries very clear, usually a little yellowish. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I was also suggest that after you cast the rock, do some tests as to what backing you use to reflect the light, as if you just cast it straight into the guitar, the light might not reflect out too well and it could possibly look like a big black hole, maybe a reflective silver backing, or even possibly have the clear cast all the way through the body?

Just a thought at possible problem solving before it occurs

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