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Question, Multiple Wood Bodys

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Hey I'm new here. So I hope this is in the right place! If not I'm sorry in advance. So I remember seeing one time a guitar body made from multiple exotic woods. Not stacked on top of each other but glued side by side. Is this possible? Would it work out? I'm not worried about tone to much. It looked sweet and I'd be really interested in trying it so if anyone has seen or heard anything like this or has an opinion help me out please. Thanks a bunch in advance

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That would be fine. Usually the woods are chosen for aesthetic reasons, and there aren't really any combinations that won't work, as long as you know a little about the woods. For example, very oily woods like cocobolo can be tricky to glue up depending on the piece. You try to glue multiple pieces of it up, and you have to be careful. But for the standard woods, no special considerations really need to be taken. I am currently doing a neck-through explorer with walnut, maple, bloodwood for the neck and curly maple and alder for the wings.

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