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Cracked Soundboard

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I recently picked up a new Alvarez AD60CE from a guitar shop for $70.00 because the soundboard had a crack running from the heal to the bridge. The guitar retails for around $550.00, so I got it for a song!

I documented the repair fairly well with photographs and I would like to post a tutorial on how to do repairs like this here at Projectguitar.com. But, I have been a member for about 2 hours now and I have no idea how to post a tutorial. Can anyone help me out?



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Hi Bill - welcome to the forums and thank you for your kind donation to the site upkeep! Your account has also been upgraded from "New Member" accordingly so you should have full access to the Gallery system for uploading photos. By default, newly-registered members have certain restrictions to protect the site and users from spambots.

Give any of the mods a shout if you need any help making this tutorial happen. If you'd like it frontpaged, we're happy to do that also. Generally we "push" forum posts to the frontpage unless the writer is specifically a regular PG writer.

Looking forward to reading your tutorial!

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