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Guitar Of The Month vote - September 2014


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This thread and poll automagically close on the 1st September 2014.

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Good luck to all of this month's entrants. Another strong offering and a great vote to see progress....what are your thoughts on this month?

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Great to see a diverse bunch of instruments this month.

Anu Guitars Eyra - Love the use of the burl on both sides of the instrument, and the tiger stripes around the body edges and up the neck sets up a visually striking combo. The contouring looks extremely comfortable and tactile. Hope to see some more of your creations soon!

Tailcutter 7 String RG - Excellent idea to adapt an existing design to your own requirements and oversize the body. The "ghosting" graphics is an understated touch that goes well with the stripped back appearance of the instrument. A fine player with no-nonsense looks to boot.

Independent Hils Proto Bass - Excellent to see another first-timer entry, and DIY-ing the electronics and pickup rings makes it all the more noteworthy. I dig the asymetric racing stripes on the front, and the combination of timbers sits well together. First builds are always the special ones.

Excellent work by everyone this month - well done!

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I'm loving that you reproduced the Moog circuit, JDC. I was gunning to do that a while back for my own RD build, but lowering the gain of the input stages to work with "normal" pickups and re-plotting the circuit for mostly SMD components and general en-shrinkage. I gave up because of other work commitments, but only after tracing the original board and making a component manifest.

Did you add the dynamics tomfoolery and the "bright" switch? Those old RD basses sounded more gnarly and aggressive than anything I have ever heard short of instruments run through SansAmp DIs!

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Welcome to the forum. Start yourself a build thread and make yourself comfy. Your guitar is a bit busy for my likes but lots of people are into that. My advice to you as a new builder is forget all the flashy timbers and fancy things, just build a heap or simple spec guitars and get the basics down and then work from there, but overall looks like you did a good job for a first build.


I hate the fact that it's an ibby copy, as it'd be so much better if you just changed it up a bit body and headstock wise! I like that it's a nice clean guitar. I like the simplistic specs, I'm a bit fan of soapbar pickups without the tab routes and a nice clean fingerboard like this. I'm also a fan of ghost graphics in paint jobs, so that is right up my alley as well. One thing that irks be about it is no truss rod cover. I know that is "some peoples" thing, but I really hate that. So thumbs up, you did some great work there and it looks like it'd be a great player as well.


I like it. I like the timber choices and your style is evolving the more you build. It's probably my favorite of all your builds and it looks like you're not only evolving, but the quality is getting tighter/better as well, looking more like a pro guitar than a DIY build.


Some fancy timbers for a first build. Same advice I gave to ANU, start off with basic specs and basic timbers, get a heap of builds under your belt before trying anything too fancy. Get some skills down and enjoy yourself without the stress of working with expensive materials. Looks like you did a pretty good job for a first build and welcome to the forum.

Curtisa got my vote. Great work!

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Prostheta: I only did the EQ section this build including the bright switch, I may go back and do the dynamics (expansion/compression) later, It will require more routing/making a new control cover but would be a worthwhile project. I'm looking at doing a PCB layout for standard components which should still make it smaller than the original layout primarily by using 1/8 watt resistors and radial mounts for the electrolytic capacitors.

Demonx: Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.

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Thanks for feedback guys, means a lot! :)

I'll surely add a personal touch on my next build, to differ it from standard ibanez shape, at least a bit more.

It is a Ibby shape because that shape has always been my favourite, but all Ibanez guitars that I owned felt too small for me, so I had to make one that suits me better.

I was also considering a truss rod cover, so it still is an option.

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Thanks Curtisa. It is definitely a comfy fit and was easy to attached to. I will say I had alot of practice working at on PRS guitars for a while and I had a bit of experience before I worked there. There is definitely something to be said about the basic timbers. My savings account has been turned into an exotic wood collection over the last 6 years so I definitely have a bunch of works in progress at about every stage of the building process.

As someone who is always having to move my shop for so many dumb reasons, the complication definitely has slowed me down. So ill have to second that. Thanks for the feedback Demonx. Really had me thinking about it. I do have a few more simple flagship designs hopefully ill be finished real soon.

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Well now! We have a very solid set of offerings this month. Let’s get right to it.

Anu Guitars: Man, I’m of two minds on this one. First, it uses a number of design features that I tend to use as well, so I’ve got to like that. The woods are gorgeous, the craftsmanship and finish look to be first rate. If you take all the individual elements they are excellent. But—they are really busy when taken together, they fight each other. And something about the visual balance bothers me when viewed from the front…..oddly enough it flows better viewed from the back—in my opinion.

Tailcutter Guitars: The shape is familiar enough…the craftsmanship and finish are excellent. I really love the subtleness of the finish design. I badly want to be able to pick it up and turn it in the light and touch it. Great job.

Afterimage Guitars: If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times: you always find the coolest woods. I love this thing. The fit and finish particularly in the details are spectacular. The multiscale bug has not bit me yet, but this one may have, I’m kind of getting an itch. Beautiful work.

Independent Hill Guitars: This looks to be a showcase for woodworking skills. I like the offset racing stripe on an offset guitar. The body style is not my cup of tea, but it certainly looks to be quality work.


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