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Routing Body Shape

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Are there any tips on routing a body shape out from a template and avoiding blow-out or rough areas? Particularly around any horn area's. In the past I used to use a Robo-sander to follow the perimeter but it takes longer and most of the ones I've used, the bearing wasng perfectly aligned with the sanding edge.



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I have learned that tearout pretty much only comes from 2 variables, separate or combined.

Taking off too much material at once, in terms of the amount away from the template.

Going too fast. If you go go fast around any place with end grain or runout, you are going ot get tearout. You have to go really slow on those parts. It may burn, but burn is better than tearout.

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Just takes practice....We all had tons of tear outs when we started...you need to think of the router as a planer & not a router, i band saw, then i check with the template & usually i have more to saw off, & even then after i attach the template i go around it with my spindle sander carefully without touching my template before i route...when i route there is no more of a 16th left & in some spots even less...

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