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Crowning files?


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For years, i have used the individual crowning file burrs from stew mac. I never bought the actual handle, i always just glued htem to a toothbrush.

I have absolutely dreaded crowning because those files do almost nothing. I have to press as hard as i possibly can to get them to take material off.

I finally broke down and bought their double sided crowning file for 40 bucks. It is the medium/ wide one.

I assumed it would be the same size as the medium and wide crowning file burrs i have that i bought from them, but it is completely different.
I am literally using the largest fretwire available and even the medium side of the crowning file is too big. It touches the top of the frets before it takes anything off the sides.

Anybody know how or why this is? It doesnt make any sense. Even the frets that got a ton taken off while leveling still dont allow it to work. Just scrapes the tops of the frets and that is it.

what a waste of money.

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I have noticed that with my file. I have both the standard one that you got, but I recently broke down and got the diamond offset file. Now that is sweet, saves so much time with not having to get chatter marks out and what have you. If you do lots of fret jobs, it is totally worth it. You might also be able to find the right size with their diamond 2-in-1 that is shaped more like the Gurian. Regardless, I second the advice to contact them first to make sure everything works well together.

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