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Guitar Of The Month vote - October 2014


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This thread and poll automagically close on the 1st October 2014.

The winner of each month's Guitar Of The Month gets front page placement on the main ProjectGuitar.com website, privileged member status, a photo feature on our Facebook page and as the default site background photo, plus a shiny member badge!

Good luck to all of this month's entrants; a busy month this month in many respects (sorry about the late GOTM opening!) with a lineup of several very different instruments. There should be a lot to discuss about your voting choices and the entries....wow!

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I've really been getting into "relic" and similar styling lately and it's interesting to see someone else's take on the theme. I was also interested to see what you did with the fingerboard end as it's similar to something I've been thinking about doing myself, just styled differently. Looks like you did a pretty good with the whole build, however I'm not convinced the heel would be real comfortable, isn't that point near the lower screw right where it'd dig into your hand? Sometimes it's hard to tell from pics. I'm not a big fan of the "no truss rod cover" look, however somehow you've pulled it off without it irritating me, so take that as a compliment. It's also nice seeing someone else strive to keep the string pull straight.


Looks pretty decent for a first ever build. The work looks nice and tidy from the photos and the simplistic theme certainly looks vintage inspired as I'm guessing it was by the pickup choices! You should be proud and you've now set the standard for your future builds to be launched from.


From the pics it looks like an all over good quality guitar. Although the top carve isn't to my personal tastes, I think my favorite part of this build is the way the Ash end grain displays at the edge of the top. That certainly looks tasteful.


Nice, elegant and vintage looking guitar that looks like the build was well executed. Nice work.


From the pics, it looks like the build was skillfully executed and the result is this stunning masterpiece. Great attention to detail inside and out, the finish looks excellent and the choice of timbers, even though its the good old "bread and butter" selection works perfectly for this guitar, so two thumbs up and congratulations on a beautiful instrument, you got my vote.

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verhoevenc-- This is one of those guitars that I think nearly ever thing about it is cool as hell and yet as a whole is just not my cup of tea. The colors and wood choices are all unique and avante guarde. I have never understood the appeal of relicing. I love the craftsmanship and uniqueness of this. I love the rosewood neck; it looks so cool being that dark. I may have to do that myself. The fretboard extension is a clever way to make the eye not notice the space between the fretboard and bridge pup. I’ll bet this was a fun build.

KnightroExpress—This is a very solid first build, one that most of us would have been proud to have pulled off. The finish is well done and a perfect choice for the wood and style of guitar. I like the way the two cut outs flow together and the overall visual balance of the design. I love me some P-90s too, I’ll bet it sounds sweet….and maybe even a little rude when you really dig in.

Menapia—I’ve always been a fan of your builds and this one is no exception. I love the ash on ash wood choice and the treatment of the top. Using voids as design features may become a signature for you, if it hasn’t already. Beautiful craftsmanship. Very nicely done.

Original—What a classy looking guitar! The understated simplicity is just a pleasure to look at. Looks very well built, and the P-90s look perfect in that body. Nice carve, excellent finish, and I bet I’d love the way this one sounds too.

Geoff St. Germaine—This thing looks like the sun peeking through angry storm clouds. The finish is stunning! The bursts are not subtle, except on the sides and I really like that touch—I find the boldness of them very appealing on this guitar. The craftsmanship looks to be impeccable and very involved. I’m not sure yet about the matte finish on the ebony body parts although high gloss may have gotten lost in the rest of that blinding finish. I would be crazy proud if I had built this one.


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