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Broncoes wedding present guitar


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Here are some shots of a recent build. It was a wedding present from the bride to the groom. I was able pull off a bunch nice tricks on this guitar while still trying to keep it classy and personalized. The back plate was a letter from the bride. She told me he was in tears when she presented it to him. I hope to go to a wedding someday and see this guitar on stage with the band.

The body was CNC's. This was my first venture into that world. I mainly wanted to make sure the logo was cut right. And for having the body cut quickly it still took a ton of work to get it to the finished product.

Interesting items:

  • Body - Swamp Ash
  • Toneguard - flamed maple
  • Pickup covers - Ash
  • Fretboard - Flamed maple and canary wood strip
  • Gotoh bridge and tuners
  • Cardnial Laquer





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That's awesome Rob! You said the logo was CNC cut, Did you inset a separate piece or CNC carve the contours and hand paint it? Same with the text? I bet the ash P-90 covers were entertaining to make. CNC inside and out? How thin are those walls?

Lots of questions huh? Last one: Are those more of your work in the background?


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Thanks for the comments and questions. ScottR the logo was cut into the wood with the router. Love the accuracy of the CNC. The same with the text on the maple. I did then go in and mask them off once I have the color and hand painted them. It was tiedious work.

The covers were a little easier. I was able to core out the inside with forsner bit. Then a dremel and sand paper got the rest.




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