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off center inlay dot fixes?


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Drill out and put in a bigger one is the best I've got, unless you decide to go with a more elaborate inlay. Of course, fretboard material will govern it some too. If it's ebony, you can probably just use tinted epoxy to fill the hole (after drilling out the off center one) and install in the right place. If it's maple, that is a total no-go.

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Anyone ever had any good fixes for an of center dot?

If it's ebony, you can drill it out and fill it with ebony dust. Flood it with thin cyano and let it dry really good. Sand it down flush and you will be SHOCKED at how it disappears. This assumes fairly black ebony. Always save your ebony dust when you radius fretboards.

This trick is also used when you do more complex inlays, since it's tough to get really detailed routes.

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