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Hello everybody,
Im new at this forum and i thought i would share my first LP build with you,
I bought a Gibson black back beauty blueprint that is my main influense on this build but with some modifications. This will probably look more like an Esp eclipse when it's done, anyway som specs,
the guitarbody is made from mahogny and the top is flamed maple. The neck is going to be maple as well.
tremolo will be original floyd rose and seymour duncan black winter set for pickups. Also made my own inlays for this project, turned out quite nice.
well what would a build thread be without some pictures?










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Well hello Mr_ Riddler.

Nice play on themes with the screen name and inlays. You say this is your first LP build.....but I'm guessing it's not your first guitar build. I see some signs of experience showing. I'm looking forward to watching this come together.

Welcome to the forum!


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I like to route for my pickups before I start a carve especially if I'm using rings. Other guys carve first like you are. Direct mounted pickups don't really care if the route goes into the carve a little, but pick-up rings do, unless you plan to shape the bottom edge to match your carve. Are you going to use rings? That is a good looking carve, but it looks like it is getting close to where the rings would mount.....I can't really tell. Did you leave enough room?


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Sorry for late reply, Well the joint was made with a 0,8 degree angle. Because of the recessed floyd there isn't need for much angle, I have never liked the big neck angles that you need with the TOM.

The guitar is allmost finished. Sprayed i stained it and sprayed it with nitro a couple of weeks ago. The wet sanding is finished and the guitar is polished so its really shiny!

Just mounting of hardware and some fretjob left. I can't wait until i can play this thingy!

This is a really addicitive hobby so i have of course started a new project. More info and pics coming soon!

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Thank you, I think the color turned out very well. Got this thingy strung up and intonated today, and it plays very nice. Those humbucker were a good choice for this guitar, the sound in them is really heavy, Sounds like the devil itself. Still got some more polishing to do on the back of the guitar and a grounding issue to solve on one of the pots, but i think it's an easy fix!

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