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Guitar Of The Month vote - November 2014


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The winner of each month's Guitar Of The Month contest gets front page placement on the main ProjectGuitar.com website, privileged member status, a photo feature on our Facebook page and as the default site background photo, plus a shiny member badge!
Good luck to this month's entrants; a relatively quiet month - did we burn ourselves out with last month's fantastic lineup? :-)

This thread and poll automagically close on the 1st November 2014.

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renkenstein - Your cannon fodder got my vote. First of all, welcome to the forum. I like that you said you used what was on hand. My advice to fresh builders is always start simple. Too many new builders waste all sorts of coin on sweet timber and highly exotic specs only to throw it all out due to failure, hell, I've been building for years and the odd guitar still get thrown in the fire from time to time. Whats you've done looks like nice clean work and if you're playing it on stage it's obviously functional as well, so congrats.

funkymann1 - Welcome to the forum and enjoy your new hobby!

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