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Knightro Voyager

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Final assembly is underway!

Lining up the tuners.

Gotoh hardtail. So simple, so good.

Dropped in the wiring harness and got the jack hooked up.

That last one is extremely green for some reason. The actual color is only slightly more green than the blue that most of these photos show.

So there it is! This will definitely be done by the end of the week!

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Good news everyone!

Seriously though, I got my guitar all wired up, assembled, and tested!

Pickups direct mounted and soldered in.

Cutting the initial string slots.

Neck screws!

Assembled and strung up. Everything was tested and verified working, so it's on to final setup.

I'll do a little video and stuff after I get her graded and brought home.
Thanks for looking!

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Thank you! This guitar is incredibly comfortable to hold and play- the body just seems to meld with you. The neck feels good too, it's ~0.800" at the 1st fret and has the shoulder blended, so it feels like a slightly thinner version of an older Strat neck. I'll be better able to give playing impressions once it's all set up. And no... unfortunately, I had to install a tree. This design is meant to have an angled headstock, and I think it'll look better without the tree.

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Looking really nice. Not my personal choice for colour, but hey, its your guitar. Congrats on a really nice build

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