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prs scale how doe sit compare in playability and tone

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I'd say that there is a tiny difference in sound. My perception is that the longer scale length has a bit "snappier" sound compared to the shorter (generally speaking) and I can hear a bit of that when comparing a 25.5" and a 25" scale guitar. However, and this is important, that can also be contributed to the difference in feel (longer scale, stiffer strings) that translate in a different approach of the player and it might be that I hear and not an actual difference in sound.

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The longer the scale, the higher the string tension. That does affect how the strings react when plucked in terms of volume and resonance and has a definite effect on the sound of the instrument, just like different string gauges affect the sound.

25" is my go to scale length for my guitars. I prefer it to shorter scales for soloing because on say a Les Paul, your fingers start to get crammed up at the 17th fret and up. At the other end of the scale, near the nut, the slighly shorter scale than a strat helps because I can reach a 6 fret span more easily.

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