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Guitar Of The Month vote - December 2014


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The winner of each month's Guitar Of The Month contest gets front page placement on the main ProjectGuitar.com website, privileged member status, a photo feature on our Facebook page and as the default site background photo, plus a shiny member profile badge.
Good luck to this month's entrants!

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Ripthorn--This guitar is easy to overlook in this contest, because at first glance it just looks like a strat. Then a closer look reveals that this is a beautifully built strat. I love the way you have to look twice to even recognize that it's a multi-scale. The paint looks perfect, the fit and finish looks perfect. This is a very very nicely crafted guitar. Excellent job!

Crafty--The same thing happens with this guitar. It is a sweet looking tele. Crafty crafted a very well made guitar......I'm sure you've heard that about a million times. :D

I bet this sounds great with that pine and bird's eye maple body. There should be lot's of mojo there.

sdshirtman--On the other hand there is nothing standard about this one---unless it's the standard of excellence you always hold youself to. This so full of little details beautifully executed, and I bet it's sold and gone to the hands of some ecstatic player that's probably afraid to strap it on for fear of scratching it. Hell, even the cavity cover looks like a gemstone. And let us not forget, this is the very guitar you scooped a burn mark out of that curly maple top and repaired it with a scoop of matching grain. Beautiful!


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Thanks for your kind words, Scott. This was a fun one to build. If I had started a build thread, I probably would've crashed the server posting pictures of all the mistakes I made, including wet sanding through the back and having to refinish the guitar! It was a good experience and I'm looking forward to my next project. Take care.

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