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Need some advice on a problem neck

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I'm not a repairmen, or luthier, so please bare with me. I bought a 24" 24f neck from a company that had it as a prototype. Friend was going to help me build the body. Always wanted a 24" 24f guitar.

Anyhow, I've notive not too long after buying it (only paid $50 soo..) that part of the fretboard seems concave or dented in near the bass side ony on the 7th fret. Also, the 7th fret seems a bit "short" in compared to the others. Not sure how much this would effect the playing, but what advice would you guys give someone if they brought it into your place? 24f 24" scale necks, especially to these specs, are impossible to come by.

Here are some pics of what I'm referring to. The red circle indicates the trouble parts.





Any, and all advice will be appreciate, and not met with any ungreatfulness.

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Lay a straight edge across that fret and the one on either side of it. If they all three are the same level it won't give you any trouble in that regard. As far as the edge being slightly concave on the bass side at that fret, well that is highly unlikely to give you any trouble either. I suppose it could if your nut is cut to close to that edge but odds are still against it. Does the neck have a nut? If it were me I'd sand that edge flush and re-dress the fret ends...just to make it look better.


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