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Filling chisel marks in pickup cavity

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Hi everyone. New here, though I've been lurking around for awhile now! Great site.

So long story short- I was at my local guitar shop the other day and I came across a fender custom shop body that someone "routed" to fit a hum bucker as it seems... by routed I mean chiseled. The price was so low for a custom shop body, I couldn't pass it up and I thought it'd make a great project.

Today, I put it on a Bridgeport and rerouted the cavity to have a nice edge. After doing so there are still some chisel marks that i want to fill on the inside wall (closest to the bridge) before applying conductive coating.

My question is- What is the best way to fill this? The deepest the hole goes is roughly 0.100"

Thank you guys in advance for all the help!!



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Thanks for the feedback, fellas.

Nice mill work. I would probably just use some bondo to fill it. Others may suggest some kind of purposed wood filler either way after its filled painted and the pickgaurd is on nobody will ever know

Bondo.. This might be a goofy question, but should I use the bondo used on cars, or Bondo Wood Filler?

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If ya have some or access to automotive filler it will work fine. Really any filler will work after you put the conductive paint in you won't be able to tell. If it was on a exposed area with a nice gloss paint over it I would go another route. If you have something laying around use it if you have to buy filler go with something cheap. The problem with bondo is it won't expand and contract with the wood (I'm not sure any filler will) after a while you will see a very fine hairline around the filled area on a nicely finished area. I have seen similar thing happen with two different woods that react to humidity differently. It won't fall out just will be there. But that conductive paint is so thick I font think you will ever see it besides its behind a pickgaurd.

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