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Router Radiusing Bits and a few other things!


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In the word of Bender . . . I'm back baby!

Anyhow, I am currently await on some samples from a supplier, then I will be setting up a good old Ebay store where you'll be able to buy 10", 12" and 16" radiusing router bits. If anyone has the desire for any other size radius bit then they'd have to be a special order but can be arranged

Have a few other useful tools in the works as well and they'll be kick ass and at good (read damn sight cheaper then certain online retailers!) prices.

I'll let you all know when the Store will be up and running . . . and if I can find somewhere host a some pics I'll stick be contributing to the build thread again . . .

Cheers all

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There is a album functionality here nowadays if you need to host pictures.

And welcome back!

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Ahh with the power of Flickr I am unstoppable!!! :D

This is one of the original 16" I kept for myself I have knocking around:


For those waiting the samples + 1 will be en-route to myself by the end of the week - I have use the company to produce some other tools which have been excellent quality so I am very excited to get them! :)

I am also getting them produced in K01 carbide which is the hardest of the tooling carbides used working with hard woods. Videos and photos will be shared once received.

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Router Radiusing bits are back baby!

Ok so I have received my samples + 1's - the + 1's will be up for grabs as soon as I've completed the testing. :)

So looking through the post from a few years back I was selling these for $49 + P&P, which albeit a relatively reasonable price when you look at the price of router bits it wasn't a GREAT price, sooooo this time I am looking for merely $25 + P&P for a single bit and a special of $69 + P&P for a set of 3!

A set:


A close up of the 10":


The bits are K01 carbide for use with all extra hardwoods.

I will be performing a few tests in the next few days and posting videos.

Also if you want any crazy kind if one of radius I can fulfil those wishes - however there WILL be delays in getting them produced as I have to produce the CAD and the manufacturer has to do there CAD and then produced etc etc.

The manufacturer has produced me some amazing carbide inserts blades for my spiral Accu-head thicknesser - which I will also be selling at far cheaper prices than the like of Steel City (US), Highland woodworking (US), Carbatec (AUS) and Machinery House (AUS) sell them for! Plus also I am selecting the carbide grade to be used rather than getting whatever carbide grade they are selling.

Here is a quick sample pic (K04 carbide here - not that you can tell by looking at it obviously!):


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