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Assuming you have a way to slot and radius your board, you need a good straight edge at least as long as your board to make sure it is flat along each string path and a long flat sanding block to fix the areas that are not. You need a way to cut your frets to length after your fret wire has been curved to a radius an inch or so shorter than the fretboard radius. Then you need a way to tap or press your frets into the slots. (Those slots need to be lightly beveled with a triangle file.) You need that long perfectly flat sanding block again to level all the frets to the same plane. Then you need a way to crown the frets--that triangle file can be used if need be. You need a file to bevel the fret ends. And you need a way to polish the frets after they are crowned and dressed.

You can go to StewMac and find a ton of specialized tools to do this if you like....and after looking at them, you can probably think of things out in the garage you already have that would also get the job done.


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