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Epi AJ100

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I have the front of the headstock repainted now also. I have new Epiphone logos for the headstock also. I need to wet sand it out and get it nice and smooth before I can put the clear on. I should be putting clear on the front of the headstock at some point this week.

Yeah, the fretboard is filthy. I need to find some way of cleaning it up. It has some buildup on it. The dark splotched in the picture of the broken headstock are buildup from someone playing it... a lot.

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I got the fretboard all cleaned up, and all the repainting finished. I am having a hard time getting the fretboard glued on straight. I have even used 2 small pins to try and hold it in place and it still moves around and is not lined up right. Anyone have any tips on getting it to stay lined up while the glue dries?

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