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The Christian Guitar Pickup acoustic sound for solid body


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Hi I picked up some NOS parts and was going threw all of them and came across this and was wondering if anyone has seen one of these or use one...

instructions description,

The Christian Guitar Pickup acoustic sound for solid body consists of six piezo electronic pickups built into the saddles of a Schaller Tune o Matic style replacement bridge. These saddles are graphite reinforced assuring excellent sustain and accurate tuning. The sound they produce closely resembles that of a fine acoustic guitar it says very little modification to most Gibson style guitars with separate bridge and tailpiece. it suggests that you run it thru a full range speaker system since regular guitar amp speakers will not reproduce extended high and low freq. says it's a very high impedance device 136K ohms

Mike Christian guitar Technology

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There are several different brands of similar pickups on the market. For the most part they are good for guys doing live sets and have a few acoustic songs to play and don't want to carry another piece of gear. But your not gonna replace the real deal in a studio. BTW you will also probably need a eq in the mix too.

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