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Scale length/intonation issues. Any help?

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I don't have much guitar building experience. I am putting together a jaguar-type guitar from a guitar kit. The scale length I am trying to use is 24". The distance from nut to middle of 12th fret is 12". The distance from nut to bridge is 24". The issue I have is that when tuned to standard, all of the strings play a note that is 13, not 12, half steps up at the twelfth fret. After adjusting saddles and intonation, there was not much change. I am thinking that I should move the bridge back somewhere around 0.5 to 1 inches. Any suggestions for a much-less-than-knowledgeable newbie?

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Due to intonation issues, the general rule is to move the high e saddle most of the way forward and put that at the scale length (24" in this case). The low e will typically need to be 3/16-1/4 further than this. Of course, string gauge and action will have a lot to do with it also. If you are of an entire half step, though, that is really bad. To check your intonation, play the 12th fret harmonic and then play the fretted note. Use a really good tuner to do this so that you can see small differences.

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