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I've never tried any build before, so i'm starting with a kit

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Hey everyone.

Please be gentle with me, i'm a total newbie to all of this and i'm going to need some guidance all the way.

So, i've decided to start with a kit build, and it has arrived, picture below. I've gone with a Jazzmaster style one as its a guitar that has always intrigued me but i've never played one.

I guess my first job is going to be painting it, as I don't want a natural finish. I'm thinking a sparkly purple, though not too sparkly. A suggestion that has been made to me is car spray paint. Would that be a good idea? Plus, i'm guessing i've got to finish it with some sort of lacquer after painting? (I did warn you i'm a total newbie! lol)

Anywway, there's step one, help would be extremely appreciated :)


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Thanks for the tip off about the book, a copy has been ordered :)

So I've taken the project out of the box again to start having a proper look at it. The instructions go with painting the body first. I've skipped that to start taking a look at wiring it up to make sure it's all working. It's taking me a while but I just thought I'd drop in to say the project is still ongoing :)

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