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Bridge placement question

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Hi all.

After a lot of deliberation I have decided to make my beautiful olivewood planks into a guitar.

I have decided on a 24 fret bolt on neck with a 25.5 inch scale length because then if i make a mistake on the neck its not a huge issue for the rest of the guitar. (As this is my first ever build the plan is to keep it as simple as possible)

My plan is to use a non trem bridge such as a hipshot, The neck will be an african mahogany/african leadwood laminate and the body will be an african olive and african leadwood laminated thingy.

Does the amount of wood behind the bridge affect anything? Some guitars seem to have their bridges right on the edge of the guitar while others seem to have them placed in the middle of the guitars body? I know that the bridge needs to be a particular distance from the nut in order to achieve a particular scale length but does the bridge position in the body affect factors such as tone or sustain? It makes sense to have the bridge located in the middle of the sounding board for an acoustic but as this is a solidbody electric I am not sure what (if any) factors about the guitars body shape/ bridge position on the body will affect tone and sustain?


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