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Accurate guitar templates

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I am searching for an accurate guitar template provider.

I've tried Ronnie from guitarbuildingtemplates.com and I wasn't really happy with what I bought (it's not 100% accurate - as was stated in the terms of service - nit's not something he hides and i wasn't smart enough to go over them in the first place) the neck pocket and the neck did not match (apparently on purpose).

So, I am looking for a provider of foolproof templates (the kind that I can just cut with and not make any adjustments)

I would appreciate if anyone can direct me to one.

Thanks ! :)

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That all depends on what you are trying to build. If you want strat or tele templates, Ron Kirn's are really great. If you want Les Paul templates, Bartlett templates are great. Of course, not all templates will come with a neck template, mostly because a neck (aside from the headstock) requires creating two straight lines and the heel profile. I don't know of a set with neck templates that will be as accurate as you are wanting.

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