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Tiger Stripes


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I've decided after much observing of thses forums that I will take the plunge and buy a Saga kit. I really want to own a guitar with a tiger stripe finish and was wondering if masking the background finish then painting the stripes would work, with tiger stripes being quite an intricate shape.

I'd probably leave it until I got used to finishing a guitar but I was hoping to get something along the lines of this.



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That's the right idea. First step is to draw it out life-sized. See if you can't find a large sheet of plastic sticker backed paper to draw out your tiger stripes. Shoot the black - put on your pre-cut masking, shoot white primer (you'll need to cover the black well for that green/yellow to show), then shoot the green/yellow burst.

OR you could shoot the burst and simply add very thin black stickers for the tigerstripes. This will be your easiest bet. If you shoot enough lacquer, or use a poly, you'll be able to make the edges of the stickers invisible..it will look like paint.

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