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Hi Everyone

I'm new here, started my first build with this kit bought from BYOguitars
Shape is in the style of an Scheter\ESP guitars

Mahgony body and neck
Maple top
rosewood fingerboard

Humbackers that I took out of my Ibanez s
Spretzel locking tuner
Hipshot trem bridge
tusq nut

Those patterns around the knobs and in the headstock was printed in my home 3d printer

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I copied my response from a post with pretty much the same issue:

This is what the site has set up:

I personally use Photobucket, because the pics are bigger. There you just upload, go to your library and hover over the icon in the upper right hand corner of your pic and pick share links from the resulting drop down menu. go to the bottom choice on the new menu and click on "img." it will change to read "copied" briefly. Then paste that into your post.


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I looked hard on getting one of the starter kits from BYO Guitars. I thought it would be a great way to start. I also looked into the Chinese kits, but they were so inconsistent BYO seemed to be where to go. I know the BYO kits are Chinese, but they do better with quality control then the slandered Chinese kits. This guy did a review on the LP kit. http://notrightinthehead.net/2010/11/03/byo-les-paul-guitar-kit-product-review/ He has review a few kits ones from Ebay, other sites and BYO. He had some problems with the kit, but was able to fix and said most of the hardware was not the best. You can read for your self. After much consideration and I am very picky. I decided to take the plunge and build my first guitar from scratch. I know if I got one of the kits I would just ending up buying all new hardware and just use the body and neck. Those kits are not too bad in price, but since I was just going to get the kit for the body and neck I could save money and just get the wood. I have a wood shop a few miles from my house and got all the wood and milled for about 100.00. I know BYO has custom body's and necks, but think they are a bit over priced. If you get a kit let us know. I would love to know how it is and the progress on it.

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