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I just learned about a friend passing away

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It was his birthday yesterday. Facebook sent me a reminder, which I got on my phone while I was in class. So, it did what it had to do and reminded me of him, and that I needed to congratulate him for his birthday. As soon as I had a few free minutes I posted on his timeline and wished him a happy birthday. The last time we "spoke" was probably a year ago, for the same reason.
He would have been 53 years old. He lived in Australia, and for a number of reasons, he lived far from his children: Maddie and Pete. He hadn´t seen them in years due to a horrible divorce. I never inquired about his personal life, but I knew that his not seeing them was a constant pain in his heart. I don´t know if he ever saw them again.
We became friends in this forum...you might have read some of his old posts, even. He was for a long titme a major forum member and used to share his knowledge on electronics. He shared a few personal things here that made me want to reach out and we became friends. He took an interest in my life and he offered many a good advice. He was a tremendous guitar player and tinkerer; he even developed a sustain system, pickups, different guitar wirings, etc. I had and have no clue about electronics, so we didn´t chat much about that. He also liked to take pictures and share them in Facebook...he did some great pictures, and usually with a little thought on life or his children.
He shared a number of times that he was not well. I don´t know what it was...but it seems it was sudden. He was taken to a hospital mid October last year and died there.
I feel like I wasn´t a good friend to him in the end. We didn´t keep in touch, and I know I could and should have. He was a gentle man and very caring about others. I write this with tears in my eyes: I will miss you Pete. May God give you peace at last.
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That does suck. Thanks for letting us know Joe. That was a guy that could turn a phrase and enjoyed putting his thoughts on paper (so to speak). I miss his pics from down under as well as hearing his unique takes on life. I always expected him to drop in out of the blue sometime.


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I've only just now found out at GuitarNutz that Pete (PSW) has passed away. I'm very sorry to hear this.
I wouldn't call myself a friend of Pete, but we spent quite some time together in Pete's big sustainer topic. As long as that topic continued I've always had the idea that Pete and I could get along pretty well.
I remember Pete as somebody who always gave it a 200% in his posts, whether is was some innovation he came up with or he disagreed with you.
Quite a unique person.

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There are people you disagree with but don't fall out over. Pete seemed to be one of those. I think many of us that date back from the times of "the" sustainer thread had crossed words at some point with Pete. When it comes down to it, he shared his knowledge and opinions regardless of how they were received and argued about. Definitely not one of the thin-skinned people that inhabit the Internet these days, where any minor difference in opinion flares into spats that lose sight of the original point....all just to be more right than everybody else for Internet points. Pete wasn't like that.

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