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Copyrighting a Shape/ design

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How much money have you got on the table to push this forward? Will it cover all territories, or just the US? How much will be left after this to enforce your protection?

Personally I don't believe in the process since it stifles innovation. In your case, I don't think you'll have the financial clout to make your claim stick. Unless your design has the intrinsic properties of producing money in the order of six figures for yourself or seven figures for somebody else who steals it. it isn't worth spending five figures to stake your claim.

Those five figures would be better spent improving tools, marketing and getting your products into people's hands; not filing pieces of paper in a cabinet and funding an IP lawyer's golf club subs. Sell off the quality of your product, not the quality of your litigation.

Just my opinion.

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This is exactly why I despise the IP laws. You need money to register your idea or method. Then money to defend it. More money than people who want to abuse it. It favours those with money and not the common innovator. I support honest grassroots skill and ingenuity, not the walled garden of restricted ideas. Build, learn, share and support those around you. Offer a hand instead of stomping people down.

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